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Vibrant Chinese Mexican Fusion – Barrio Chino, San Francisco

Back in college, I was in an unhealthy relationship with a guy who was a repeat offender of blacking out and totaling cars. One of the few good ideas we had at that time was to make a restaurant that combined both our cultures, Chinese and Mexican. However, I’m very glad I realized two things: dating an alcoholic and opening a restaurant were not my life calling.

Luckily for me, there are other people who have the patience to open a restaurant and do their interpretation on Asian Mexican fusion!

Barrio Chino SF (which means Chinatown in Spanish) is one such spot in the Marina, and they have an Asian-focused menu, with Mexican ingredients playfully thrown in. Restaurateur and Chef Pete Mrabe says he got the idea while making Asian food in Cabo and having to source local Mexican ingredients. He has a few other restaurant concepts including Chubby Noodle (pan-Asian) and Don Pisto’s (Mexican), and elements from each are incorporated into Barrio Chino’s menu.

I haven’t gotten tired of the birria trend, and I loved the Birria Eggs Benedict and Birria Ramen. Other creative dishes include Fried Rice with Mexican red rice and Wontons with salsa macha chili oil. I enjoyed all the dishes I tasted, and perhaps even more so with my past in perspective. Emphasis on way in the past haha.

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