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One Last Meal at AL’s Place, San Francisco

A couple weeks back, AL’s Place SF suddenly announced they were closing for good via Instagram. Chef-owner Aaron London expressed to the San Francisco Chronicle that he wanted to focus more on family at this stage in his life. With one Michelin star and seven years of producing arguably one of the best examples of unique and vegetable-focused California cuisine, AL’s Place will be missed.

As soon as I saw the news, I tried to look up reservations for their final week, grasping onto what minuscule hope I had. Of course, they were already booked out. But the universe does work in funny ways.

I’ve been going through some very difficult times this past month, and I was crying in bed one morning when a friend texted me about an extra spot for AL’s place that night. This was during their final week of service. This, along with a few other events that day, felt quite serendipitous and got me out of bed.

The meal was incredible – we definitely over ordered for two, but that meant leftover brine-pickled fries the next day. I will miss the freaking delicious food, the wacky ingredient combos, and the quirky names.

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