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I’m a long time lover of food and a frequent traveler. From a young age, I was exposed to diverse food and culture while living in the suburbs of Washington, DC. It wasn’t until moving to California post-college however, that I started to hone my food passion. I found my home among the creativity, diversity, and freshness of cuisine on the West Coast.

It was here in the Bay Area where I rekindled my love of baking and learned about cooking. I started blogging in 2015 to share my love of food. While vacationing in Vietnam a couple years later, I was inspired to also start a food Instagram. Now my spare time is filled with trying new restaurants, enjoying and documenting quality moments, and planning my next trip. I’ve paused home cooking and baking for now, but perhaps one day I will be inspired to pick it up again.

My blog is a peek into this journey. Like my mind, this is a heavily food-centered diary. The focus is on fine dining experiences, both locally in the Bay Area and where my trips take me. There may be home recipes and food science thrown into the mix. While food is a passion, it is not my career. My reflections are as an amateur food lover, and I invite you into my food world.


Adrienne eating garlic noodles at Burma Love SF


  1. I stumbled across your blog when planning my boyfriend’s 30th birthday dinner in Barcelona! Your reviews of Tickets and Engima were extremely detailed, well-written and helpful. I kept on reading and learned a ton about awesome US-based restaurants. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  2. Hi Adrienne! Thanks for all your useful reviews! I only have one night in Barcelona on my upcoming trip. Which restaurant would you recommend?? Thanks!

  3. I came here specifically for suggestions in Barcelona. Thank you. Anywhere else other than Tickets?

    1. Hi, I believe Tickets closed unfortunately. For fine dining, I really enjoyed Disfrutar! It’s been many years since I’ve visited though so not sure how the scene is these days. Some Barcelona spots on my to-try list: Baló, Slow & Low, Besta, Amar, Alkimia

  4. Awesome, Adrienne! Perhaps you should be a food writer too- you have a knack for descriptive words & photos which capture the delicacies you’re savoring and makes others drool too.
    “May I have one of whatever she had?!” , lol

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