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I’m a long time lover of food and a budding world traveler.  From a young age, I was exposed to the diverse food and culture of the DC suburbs. It wasn’t until moving to California post-college however, that I started to hone my food passion. I found my true home among the creativity, diversity, and freshness of cuisine which felt unparalleled elsewhere in America.

Love & DucksIt was here in the Bay Area where I rekindled my love of baking. It was here in San Francisco where I met my partner and found myself in a storybook relationship that quickly deepened with our mutual love of food. Now our time is filled with trying new restaurants, experimenting with home-cooked meals, and planning our next vacation.

My blog is a peek into this journey. Like our minds, this is a heavily food-centered diary. The focus is on new dining experiences, both locally and where my trips take me. There are home recipes and food science thrown into the mix. While food is a passion, it is neither one of our careers. My reflections are as an amateur food lover, and I invite you into my everyday world.


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  1. I stumbled across your blog when planning my boyfriend’s 30th birthday dinner in Barcelona! Your reviews of Tickets and Engima were extremely detailed, well-written and helpful. I kept on reading and learned a ton about awesome US-based restaurants. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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