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Luxury Wagyu Hot Pot at The X Pot Las Vegas

I was half expecting this to be mostly IG hype, but pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed my experience at The X Pot Las Vegas. I dined here for a joint birthday dinner, and we had the smaller private room with the chef’s tasting menu. The service was absolutely wonderful – each staff member we interacted with seemed to truly care about making our evening a memorable one.

Food presentation was beautiful and over the top as expected, with the sashimi & himalayan salt block grill and kobe beef courses accompanied by dry ice fog. There was a face-changing performance in the main dining room at one point. And if you get the dancing noodle side, it comes with a one-man show, complete with dance music to get you hyped for the night out.

On top of all that, the food was truly delicious. For the hot pot soup base, we selected half house special spicy and half creamy truffle mushroom. The house special spicy comes out with a bear figurine that dissolves after the hot broth is poured over it. And fair warning, it is truly spicy – our group found it tolerable for dipping, but too spicy to sip on. The truffle mushroom broth helped balance things out thankfully.

While the hot pot is the main focus, the sides stole the show for me. There was so much A5 wagyu, and it was beautifully marbled and tender. There was plenty thinly sliced for dipping in the hotpot, but also as tartare, sashimi, nigiri, in dumplings, and grilled. The tenderness was only surpassed by the grilled kobe beef supplement – probably my single favorite bite of the evening.

The decadent bone marrow bibimbap was also a highlight. And the al dente chew of the fresh dancing noodles was very satisfying. Cocktails were good too, both balanced and aesthetic. The only dud for me was the wagyu tripe, which came cut in large sheets that made it hard to eat with the firmer texture. Too bad, because I’m usually a big tripe fan.

Yes the meal can be quite pricey, but not out of line for the Vegas strip. I thought it was well worth it for how wonderful the experience was on all fronts – one of the most fun dinners I’ve had in a while. And this wasn’t even their 5D spectrum dining room experience!

Also you should be quite full on the tasting menu. I didn’t eat all day and still found it hard to finish everything.

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