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Closing out 2015 with a Project Juice Cleanse

2015 was a year characterized by travel. According to TripIt, I spent 115 days on the road. I sailed around the Greek islands and took three trips to Mexico. In the U.S., I explored a few cities for the first time, including Portland, Provincetown, and Tampa. I revisited New Orleans, went home to DC twice, and traveled all around California. Perhaps the biggest life event this year was my move from Orange County back to the Bay Area. While I do miss the warm SoCal weather, there’s nothing quite like the feel of the Bay Area. The culture, the geography, the food…this is home.

After all the traveling, I chose to spend my Christmas at home. I wanted a quiet few days to recharge and feel refreshed for the New Year. With the extra food that inevitably comes around during the holidays, I challenged myself to do a 4-day juice cleanse.

Now I’ve done the 10-day Master cleanse four times before (three of them successfully) so this juice cleanse was on the easier side for me. Day 1 was the hardest because of the drastic drop in calories and protein, combined with a HIIT gym class. But unlike the Master cleanse, the nutrients from the greens, fruits, and nuts sustained me comfortably for the remainder of the cleanse.

Project Juice touts nearly 20 pounds of pressed organic produce in the daily six-bottle diet. They offer three cleanse levels or a custom option. I chose to go with a custom, 4-day cleanse. My picks resembled a mix of the medium and advanced cleanse. I averaged 750 calories per day, but I didn’t starve uncomfortably since I included one of the nut-based shakes daily. They were delicious and satisfyingly filling. The juices were also refreshing with minimal sweetness.

After the cleanse, I felt noticeably more energized and had radiant skin. I did lose some water weight, but weight loss should not be the goal of any cleanse. The weight comes back quickly and you might be losing muscle as well. Rather, the goal of a cleanse is to help reset eating habits, break those cravings, and lay a foundation for sustainable healthy eating.

If you are looking for a cleanse, I recommend Project Juice as they use all USDA organic ingredients. The price point is higher than their competitors, but they offer discounts for local pickup and have frequent promotions. They offer $20 for new customers if you sign up here.

I’m five days post cleanse and continue to experience high energy and lowered sugar cravings (sweets are my weakness). I haven’t turned to coffee yet, and I’ve decreased my meat intake. I’m feeling great and can’t wait for 2016. Happy New Year!

IMG_3617 (1)
My custom picks for the 4th and final day of my Project Juice cleanse.

Disclaimer: I paid for the juice cleanse fully and was not approached by Project Juice to review their product. I do get $20 for each referral sign-up.

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