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Early to Rise SF Reopens in New NoPa Location

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the reopening of San Francisco’s scratch made, brunch pop-up Early to Rise. After closing a couple years back to focus on finding a more permanent location, Early to Rise is reborn in the light-filled NoPa corner that formerly housed the popular Automat bakery and cafe. Among the numerous breakfast spots in San Francisco, Early to Rise stands out to me for its detailed and refined approach to simple breakfast fare. 

Chef Andrew McCormack’s menu is an excellent showcase of his fine dining background (Quince, Spruce) combined with his Southern roots. Brunch classics like French toast, pancakes, and eggs Benedict are elevated, with nearly everything house-made – from the fluffy challah to the Calvados-apple butter, and even the smoked Canadian bacon. The lox bagels and airy filled donuts are also some of the best in the city.

I dined on the first soft opening day and was impressed at how polished every dish already was. In addition to the aforementioned items, I also enjoyed a bright tangerine pudding with almond cookies and olive oil. And a savory samusa potato pancake with tamarind and garam masala spices was a nod to San Francisco’s diverse and fusion food scene.

One of my prior Early to Rise favorites, Southern shrimp and grits with bacon, was not yet available, but I’ve been told it’s upcoming. And it’s not brunch without some beverages, options of which include coffee, tea, wine, beer, mimosas, greyhound, and bloody Mary.

Grand opening is Thursday, February 29th.

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