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Turkey and the Wolf – Life-changing Sandwiches in New Orleans

Never before has a restaurant obliterated and exceeded my expectations so resoundingly, as did Turkey and the Wolf. The national media rankings and raves from friends were right, Turkey and the Wolf is absolutely killing it.

Located a few blocks off of Magazine St. in the Garden District, Turkey and the Wolf is an easy cab ride away, but just far enough to escape the tourist crowds.

Sunday lunch last week was a breezy 10-15 minute wait from end of line to ordering at the counter. The food took a little longer to come out, but it was very much worth the wait.

Collard Green Melt – This was literally the best sandwich I’ve had, and it didn’t even have meat. The collards were so satisfying with creamy coleslaw and Russian pepper dressing. The melty Swiss cheese brought it all together. I wish I ordered a second helping of this hot mess.

I might have to try making their recipe.

Turkey and the Wolf - collard green melt

Turkey and the Wolf - collard green melt
Collard Green Melt – slow-cooked collards, swiss cheese, pickled cherry, pepper dressing, cole slaw, rye bread

(life changing) Cabbage Salad – How good can a cabbage salad be? I dare say this salad would convince even the pickiest meat and potato eaters to appreciate veggies. The intense flavors were a heavenly explosion in my mouth. The vinaigrette was Vietnamese-inspired, and the addition of fried pig ears put me in ecstasy.

Turkey and the Wolf -Cabbage Salad
Cabbage Salad – roasted chili vinaigrette, lime, sunflower seeds, herbs, fried garlic, pig ear cracklin

Deviled Egg with Fried Chicken Skin – We got two orders (someone has a deviled egg obsession), so six halves total. Sadly these were the weakest link. The weakest in one my of favorite meals ever, isn’t actually bad, but they could have used more brightness in the yolk or texture contrast (other than the skin) to make these eggs really pop.

Turkey and the Wolf - Deviled egg with fried chicken skin
Deviled Egg with fried chicken skin, house hot sauce

Fried Pot Pie – This hand pie version of chicken pot pie was extra deep fried and heart-attack inducing, accompanied by a creamy sauce. So greasy, so good.

Turkey and the Wolf - Fried Pot Pie
Fried Pot Pie – slow cooked chicken, tarragon buttermilk

After this meal, all I wanted to do was go back for the next and final day of my week-long NOLA trip. Alas I didn’t because I wanted to squeeze in an iconic fried chicken joint. What a mistake! I’m still lusting after what could have been.

Don’t miss Turkey and the Wolf if you are in New Orleans!

Turkey and the Wolf - Table shot
Best meal of the trip! A must do if you are in NOLA.

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